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Sale Horses

FS Dun It Dahlia~ SOLD

FS Dun It Dahlia AQHA mare with experience in ranch horse classes

Dahlia is 4 years old. She has been in full training for a year, working on skills for ranch horse versatility.  She has smooth gaits, and is quiet and very sweet. She has been shown at a few local schooling shows. 


Congratulations to Amber and Charlie Baker on their purchase of Dahila in April 2021.  Charlie and Dahlia went on to win three Top 5 buckles at Gold N Grand July 2021.  Congratulations to Charlie and her trainer Sandy Western for their hard work!  We are blessed that Dahlia went to such a great home.

Shadiva~ SOLD

Shadiva~ Arabian Performance Horse

Shadiva is an Arabian bridle horse, who has shown in ranch horse versatilities and extreme cowboy races. She has won buckles and money in cowboy races and in team penning.  She did a stint as a governess for 4 years for a Central California grandmother who taught her grandchildren to ride on her.  She now lives with trainers Todd & Lise Bulik and is being used as a lesson horse and will be a broodmare in Lise's Arabian breeding program.   

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