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Clinic Fun 9.25.22

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

We had a fun clinic on Sunday. We had five riders, which turned out to be perfect since it turned out to be 100 degrees by late afternoon. Everyone was just awesome and so much fun to work with. My two rein horse Maybellene got the easy job of greeting everyone and coaching the dry work.

First we worked on some foundation elements of cow work. We then worked the flag.

After we worked on the flag, we moved to the square pen and worked on position, rating, and turning. I don't have any pictures of the afternoon, but the clinic participants did a practice reining pattern and then boxed a cow, using the techniques we worked on before lunch.

My two year old, Sunny, who has only been on cows twice, had to step up and be the clinic helper and help everyone with cow work. She rose to the occasion, and loved it. She'll be getting her chance to work on the fundamentals before we host the next clinic.

I am excited about working with new riders and their talented horses. We are looking forward to the next clinic on Nov 19th.


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