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All opportunities come through people.

For me, that's tough because I enjoy silence and solitude. So much. That's how I level up in my dreams. However, there comes a point in the journey of levelling up when you need to find your people.

That Mr. Famous Trainer that laughed when I told him I wanted to be a cow horse trainer? He's not my people. This was years ago, and not the least of the negativity I've encountered in the horse world.

But this post is not about the negativity. This post is about hope. The Lord gave us our gifts and our call and said THEY ARE IRREVOCABLE. (Rom 11:29).

Here's what you do about negativity: Look for and collect the kindest, most loving, most principled people, and you will level up exponentially in your dreams. I learned that from a fellow illustrator 20 years ago, and it has helped me greatly.

BTW, "nice" is not a virtue. Kindness is. Anyone can be nice, that's just good manners. But kindness takes courage.


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