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Sadie's First Show

Sadie has been with me since August. She has a 90 day start. She's doing so well that we decided to take her out into the world and go to her first show. I set her up for success by putting her in easy classes. She did walk/trot ranch riding, walk/trot trail, a showmanship pattern, and bareback equitation. I didn't plan on going into bareback eq, but I thought that Zoe needed another horse in her class, so Sadie and I went in. The judge let us do our go in the halter, and we won the class. I had never ridden her bareback, but Sadie took it in stride.

Here is a video of her bareback class:

Video of her ranch riding run:

Her trail run, with some commentary by her owner, Karen Kloppenberg, who shared some of the story of how she acquired Sadie.

Sadie was a little nervous when we first arrived to the show, but gained confidence once she got used to navigating the other riders and horses in the warm up pen. She ended up having a fun day. And she was a good girl standing tied at the trailer.


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