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Sunny- Ride 22 (ish)

Sunny has about 22 rides. I lost count because while I have been getting her started, I also started a new job with Parler as an illustrator/animator. (I'm making NFTs, that's a whole other subject!) I've been riding the horses late afternoon into night. My thought was that since non pros do it, I can do it. And now I'm wondering why I didn't do this decades ago! I am SO much happier not having to contend with the heat. Veronica and I water, groom, and bathe horses, and get started riding as the shadows from the eucalyptus trees reach over the arena. We have arena lights, so we can ride when we need to, according to the heat.

Anyway, here's my baby cowhorse. She is moving forward more freely now, and we actually have a little power steering.

Working on loping off with lead cue, in the very early stage:

Right lead, left lead. Good girl!

She wants to be soft, but our feel to the left has a little snag. The good thing is that she is comfortable with finding the answer. She's not worried about the challenge.


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