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Tiny Leader

Would you believe that little Fanny is the leader of her small herd? She is a yearling now. Sunny is 2, and Kiddy is 12.

I never get tired of watching herd behavior. I've learned so much over the years from my herds. I used to have an Arabian gelding named Sierra. He would let all the young horses gang up on him for a time. Then, when he had enough, he would kick all their butts at one time. I'm kinda waiting for Kiddy to get tired of these two, but she just loves them and doesn't mind trotting around if Sunny wants her to.

Having horses in a herd is so good for their minds, especially for babies. Sheila Varian once said that if you turn horses out with other 2 year olds, they will be less likely to want to bite people, because they get to practice their dominance games on each other. I believe that too. My one caveat is that I never put horses with hind shoes into a herd. They only get turned out by themselves.


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