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Tiny Mighty Tiana

I just realized that I didn't do a blog post about my new favorite horse Tiana. She's not on my sale page. She's tiny, sensitive, and a hot rod. Because she is so small, I waited until her late two year old year to start her, and that's just when we moved to a bigger ranch. Her start was spotty, the rides few and far between. It was less than ideal, but she has a heart full of adventure, and loves to work and do new things.

When I first started her she was worried about her new role. Her main job before being started was to be the Best Kisser. I slowed myself down, and gave her time to find confidence before the first ride. She has almost too much try and she's a thinker. In this photo, she didn't want to look at me or step toward me. There is a fine line between respect and fear. I made myself small so that she would want to draw to me, keeping this moment on the trust/respect side of the spectrum instead of the fear/respect side. I cherish trust.

She is now a three year old, and I'm proud to say that she has reached 13.2 hands tall. She has no problem thinking that she can do a reining pattern, or go down the fence after a cow. I've shown her a few times despite being in very basic stages of reining and cow work. She loves to show.

I don't think she'll make it to the futurity since we are so behind, and I'm not even sure she can compete as a fence horse. That doesn't matter to me. She is my next bridle horse. I'm keeping her because of her cheerful little face and adventurous attitude. She lights up my life.

At her second schooling show, between classes, people kept coming up to us and grabbing her face and smooching and hugging on her. All day long, everyone raved about how cute she is.

In the future, I think I'll bring a booth, and charge people $2 a head to hug my horse. Kisses will be no extra charge.


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