Maybellene midstate trotting into pattern 10.30.21.jpg
Training & Lessons

We are located in Hanford, California. We offer colt starting and performance training for reined cowhorse events, ranch versatility, ranch horse classes, and trail.  We have cattle on the ranch for training. We also offer horsemanship and performance lessons. We welcome all ages and level of riders. We do not have lesson horses, but we love to help people get matched with the right horse.

Starting Cat under saddle
Starting Cat under saddle

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Maybellene midstate circling   10.30.21
Maybellene midstate circling 10.30.21

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Jolene Midstate left circle 10.30.21
Jolene Midstate left circle 10.30.21

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About us

Jolene supervises the cattle crew (John & Shug)

We raise and train performance horses.  Our team consists of trainer Lyn Meredith, her husband John, and our ranch helpers Mariah and Veronica. Lyn has been training horses for clients for 20 years, and has always trained her own horses since she was a youth. She is a horseman first, using herd behavior to motivate horses. Her number one priority is to build a horse who is confident and who loves his or her job. She uses performance principles, a reining foundation, and dressage for optimal balance and performance in each horse's projected discipline. She currently shows in reined cow horse events, and in ranch horse versatility.  She has shown in and judged extreme cowboy races in the past. 

Latest News 
Jolene Midstate left circle 10.30.21.jpg
Maybellene midstate second stop 10.30.21.jpg

30 October 2021

Jolene and Maybellene showed at Midstate Cowhorse Association in October. They both won their classes and won checks.  This was Maybellene's first check. 


7 November 2021

Sadie went to her first show with only 90 days of training.  She did great! We even went in bareback equitation.  Click the button to go to my blog page and see her pictures and videos.  

Dahlia and Charlie at Gold N Grand 2021 5.jpg

July 13 2021


Charlie and her family bought Dahlia from us in April.  They have only been together for three months.  They went with their trainer, Sandy Western, to Gold N Grand last week and came home with three top 5 buckles!  That is pretty awesome because it was Dahlia's first big show. We are big fans of Charlie!!!!