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I'm a Big Fan.

I received text messages from Amber Baker and trainer Sandy Western letting me know that Charlee and Dahlia won a bucket of blue ribbons at Gold N Grand last weekend. The backstory to this event is that mom Amber Baker bought Dahlia from me last year as a 4 year old. Along with trainer Sandy, they have worked hard since then, winning blues time after time. Their first time showing was less than 3 months after they bought Dahlia, and they won 3 high point buckles.

Charlee is 10 years old this year. When I first met her, she was quiet, humble, and rode beautifully. And Dahlia just put her nose down into Charlee's hair and claimed her. She went right to the trailer with her new girl without a backward glance! That's a match!

Mom Amber isn't shy about reminding people that her daughter is special. And she is. Charlee's parents have invested in her interests and in her future. Charlee works hard and is humble & quiet; a real cowgirl. I am a big fan of her and her family. Special thanks to Sandy Western who saw that I had Dahlia for sale, and brought her clients to meet her. It is a dream for my sale horses to go to owners that are always learning and growing.

Besides, showing in ranch horse shows, Charlee is also a roper, and a bull rider!!! This is my new favorite picture of her in her bull riding chaps:

Pictures from last weekend:

The kid already needs a trophy room!


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